Thanksgiving 2017

Tis the season to reminisce on all the year has brought and taken. This is the first thanksgiving Travis and I are spending in Colorado since 2013, it seems impossible that we are here again. 

I’m so incredibly thankful for being back in this beautiful colorful state. At the same time, I’m incredibly sad to be so far from my California friends.

I’m so glad I was able to stand by my best friend’s side in April when she married her husband. And for my husband to officiate the ceremony.

Celebrate 10 years of marriage and experience the first cross American total solar eclipse in nearly 100 years with my husband in Oregon.

Adventuring in Northern California 2017

To spend a weekend in Lake Tahoe with family (and tell them about moving to Colorado)!

Thankful for my friends: in California, in Wisconsin, in Texas, and Colorado who always challenged and encouraged me. Especially my sister who never gives up on me, Haley, I love how different we are & I wouldn’t have our relationship any other way. Kisses, girl.

The Sailers Family

For my stylist friends at Stitch Fix & new exciting job opportunities that I firmly believe was orchestrated by God Himself.

Sailers Sisters with Grandpa Sailers

I’m also incredibly thankful to have spent time with my grandfather in January before he passed in February. Thankful to have conversations with him, learn his favorite hymn, and hold his hand when we watched the Honor Flight video from his trip to Washington DC with my dad only 3 months before.

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