The Next Step in my Career

I always thought being a full-time blogger would be the best gig, EVER. And I know several full-time bloggers so I also know it’s a hard job. There is nothing glamorous about working from home, it’s the hardest work out there. My ‘Work from Home’ entrepreneurs and blogger friends are dedicated and devoted to their crafts and work harder than most employed people I know. 

But after working with Stitch Fix for the last 2 years and 9 months, I’m not sure I’m ready to join the masses at a corporate job again. AKA going into an office everyday. I love the freedom of working when I want, from where I want & giving me the ability to travel and spontaneously go to concerts and have fun with my husband. (Pretty excited for Red Rocks this summer!)

Avett Brothers Concert, 2013

Beginning this month, I will be an independent stylist contractor for WearWell, which will give me the oppurtunity to continue offering my styling input to clients wanting to look & feel their best while supporting the causes that matter most to them.

photo via Elegantees

My favorite thing about ethical fashion is the empowerment and education of women in countries where they are systematically seen as unworthy and disposable. By educating women and girls and providing economic opportunity not only do their families benefit, so does their communities.

So, I hope you’ll sign up for wearwell, I’d love to style you with fashions that encourage & empower you & those that made your clothes & accessories!

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