Dressember 2017 Update

Here’s a recap on the first few weeks of Dressember 2017, my goal this year wasn’t to wear the same dress everyday but just a variety of dresses from my closet. And I only wore dresses on days I got to pick what I was going to wear for fun. I’m wearing jeans/pants to work for the time being as I’m in training.

December 1: LL Bean Sailor Stripe Shift dress with Pact navy leggings and Sseko Designs Flats

December 3: Elegantees Dressember 2017 dress in Pumpkin Spice with my tall Keen boots for church & errands

December 5: Elegantees Dressember Dress 2016 with Noonday Collection necklace, and not pictured, charcoal Pact leggings and my black The Root Collective Booties

December 6: Elegantees 2015 Dressember dress over jeans with tall boots from Keen and my Stitch Fix cardigan (wind chill was 17!)

December 13: Little Black Dress from Old Navy over 5 years ago, Stitch Fix Sweater & Birdies House Slippers. Went to the DMV today and got my CO license!

Consider donating to my fundraising page, HERE, to support victims of human trafficking here and globally.

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