Merry Holiday Season 2017

2017 was a bit of a roller coaster ride. Early in the year, Shelby lost her Grandfather to lung cancer. We were able to go and spend time with him and Grandma in January before he passed on February 11th.

In late April, we traveled back to Texas to celebrate Kendra and Bryce’s wedding.

Shelby was one of the 3 maids of honor and Travis officiated the ceremony. Although the weather called for rain, we were spared and had fun with family & new friends.


Then in May, Travis and his dad went and saw the U2 Joshua Tree concert in San Jose.

This year marked our 10th wedding anniversary, if you can believe it. To celebrate we went whale watching off Moss Landing and saw several humpback whales. As well as the usual suspects; otters, sea lions, and pelicans.

Then in August, we traveled to Northern California for vacation, we spent a few days at Lava Beds National Monument hiking lava tube caves, although we missed out on seeing any bats.

Afterwards, we drove up to Madras, OR to see the total solar eclipse. It was an amazing experience and look forward to going to Texas for the next one in 2024.

In October, Shelby’s parents came to spend a few days in Lake Tahoe with us. There we were able to tell them the exciting news of us moving back to Colorado Springs!

Travis accepted a full-time chaplain role at the hospital system where he trained in 2012. Shelby is working with an ethical fashion startup, wearwell. This is a great opportunity that she is loving using her fashion and design skills and it’s something she is deeply passionate about. In the meantime, she is helping pay the bills with a part-time Hallmark position.

Merry Holidays,

Shelby & Travis
Asher, Shade, & Huey

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