2018 | Goals

Hey there!

It’s 2018, already?! Where did the time go? I cannot believe 2017 is over, so much happened…and was tweeted about…but now it’s a new year and time for a new beginning.

I want to refocus my blog on the things I LOVE and want it to be about. Which are:

  1. books, I love books and I don’t read often enough & I want to share what I’ve read
  2. fashion, specifically ethical fashion, styling advice and fabulous new ethical brands that use their economic position to better artisans and makers
  3. adventure, this is something my blog has lacked for the last 3 years. I know. And with a name like Adventurous Shelby, there ought to be some adventure on the blog. I hope to bring you along on the hikes, concerts, and fun of living in Colorado!

I even got a new look for this new direction. And really this feels more like me than my blog has been over the last few years. Thanks Kayla for all your help and direction on my new branding! It’s going to take a little bit for time to get into this new setup, so work with me. I want this space to be more real life focused. Not everyday will be adventurous, not every book will be exciting and I’ll probably repeat myself from time to time.

grow & challenge myself to enable sustainable growth for wearwell (the start up I’m working for)

simplify our home, create a space to live life creatively & relax for both of us

begin running again- I really miss running
save for a down payment on a house- stop renting
self-care without guilt- end of the week bath with candles, aromatherapy, and a book


I chose GROW as my word of the year because I want to push myself to grow- physically, professionally, and our lives in Colorado.

My 2018 Cultivate What Matters Pinterest board.

I added this to my bookmarked sites so I can quickly get to it and since I made it I notice I tend to keep it open in the background.

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