Dressember 2017 Recap

Here are the dresses and outfits I wore for the last 2 weeks of Dressember. I added a few incentives to grow donations and they really helped!

Day 14: we went to Denver for a vinyl meet up! I wore my 2017 Elegantees dressember dress with my charcoal Pact leggings, Toms ankle booties and my NEW wearwell cardigan from Thought Clothing!

Day 18: My navy striped LL Bean dress again, it’s a heavier french terry fabric perfect for colder winter days, Pact navy leggings again and Toms ankle booties!

Day 20: I asked for a dress in my November 2014 Stitch Fix box and this is what my stylist sent me. It’s one of my favorite dresses since it’s totally outside my comfort zone. I love how long my legs look in this dress. It was ‘warmer’ on this day so no leggings required!

Day 21: The first day of winter came in a full force, 20 degree high and snow! I wore my Old Navy little black dress that I’ve had for 5 + years with charcoal Pact leggings, Keen boots, a blue long sleeve knit top under my dress and my blanket scarf to round out the look.

Day 24: Christmas Eve, I layered up in my Pact leggings, Elegantees turtleneck swing dress and my wearwell cardigan, you can never have too many layers for Dressember in Colorado!

Day 29: Travis gifted me with this beautiful Tunisian Cotton Shawl/blanket/really anything for Christmas from Balthazar & Rose and I was so excited to pair it with my burgundy Elegantees shift dress and my red & white paper bead necklace from 31 Bits, it’s really a great versatile accessory for my arsenal! Can’t wait to enjoy it as a swimsuit cover up in the summer by the pool! ***Only $60 away from wearing my red satin dress on NYE!***

Want to donate? Your tax deductible donation can be made to Dressember through the end of January. DONATE HERE!

Remember if I raise $350 then I’ll wear my wedding dress for a day in January! And if we raise $500 I’ll wear a dress (TBD) to the top of Pikes Peak in 2018!

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