Tour our Colorado Springs Home | Small Space Living

Since we can’t invite you all over to our new place and have an open house, I thought we’d do a home tour here on the blog!

Compared to our last place our new home is a bit bigger and we have a garage, such a grown up amenity!

My office is technically the guest bedroom, so if you do get to come and visit, I’ll rearrange so we can fit the air mattress in there. This room has all my most motivating art and is hopefully an inspiring space for me to get creative and write or work on boxes for wearwell. I’d share our guest bathroom but it’s more like the ‘cats room’, here is where I hide the litter box and their food.

Our living room, dining room and kitchen are open and welcoming. The dining room doubles as husband’s music space, if I put all that in a closed off room he’d never come out. I really love to be in the same ‘space’ and still be in the kitchen or working in the living room while he listens to his music.

I think I’m finally happy with the configuration of the kitchen, most defiantly the hardest space for me to organize, since it needs to be fully functional almost immediatly.

The patio is mostly empty, I’d love to get a chair and table so I can sit out there and work in the late spring and summer.

I feel so grown up, I finally convinced my husband that we needed a bed frame; it would keep him more comfortable at night and with the legs up underneath the bed he wouldn’t run into the corners of the box springs.

This room is slowly coming together and for the sake of this post, I cleaned off his dresser because he is one of those people that has to see ALL the things at once otherwise it’s lost, or he can’t find it. So I shamelessly made my bedroom prettier for the sake of this blog. I know I should embrace more of this real life but with my luck, we’d come across as slobs. Also I hate all the stuff on the dresser.

I hope you enjoyed our little home tour! What space in your home gives you all the feels?

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