January 2018 | Wrap Up

It’s been a while since I’ve written a diary post. Since moving back to Colorado schedules and routines have been a bit wonky to say the least, and we’re trying to get to a new normal. 

I am extremely grateful for the part-time hallmark position I began in December, a much-needed boost to our bank account and it offered me a chance to try something new. But our church was also hiring for a church administrator. On a whim I applied, interviewed and was offered the job all within a week. I start that on February 1, I look forward to the structure in my schedule and the time spent working with others in contrast to my time at home. Don’t worry, I’ll still be working with wearwell as a stylist, I love what I do. (PS post coming soon about my first wearwell box!)

It’s been a while since working in a real office space and crave the challenge ahead of me! It was hard sending the resignation email to my supervisor at Hallmark because it’s a job my mom had for several years and loved before becoming a Territory Manager with Hallmark. I deeply respect and am thankful for the training and support I received from everyone I met and worked with.

Since moving back, we’ve returned to our church here, Beth El Mennonite Church. Although the Head Pastor and some staff has changed, especially with my addition, the community seems very much the same. We’re slowly re-introducing ourselves and aquatinting ourselves with folks we don’t quite know or remember.

We experienced our first real snow day this month since arriving in Colorado. Asher loved the snow but we didn’t brave going out in it. The roads were still slick the next morning when I went out at 9 am and I only fishtailed once coming back home.

Once spring arrives I plan to start a running routine, I already found a 5k in Estes Park I’d like to participate in August. Surely I can run 3.1 miles in 7 months… right? I’ve promised myself I’d never run a Half again, but if 5k’s get easy and 10k’s get easy I won’t rule them out. For me running is very meditative.

My word of the year is Grow, since this is posting at the end of January I thought it might be a good time to reflect on how and where I’ve seen growth in the last month.

Spiritual- Since unpacking all the book boxes we had in storage in California I’ve been reacquainted with my Mosaic Bible. I love it most for the weekly liturgical bible study with prayer, art, reflection, and a multitude of readings. It’s become my favorite Saturday/Sunday activity.

Personal- I’ve slowly been working on a routine, but that will be ongoing since I’m starting a new position. Hopefully I’ll make more progress on this by the end of next month. I also didn’t get out and hike any this month but I did invite a girl from church to go have coffee with me, we went to Rosco’s Coffee off Bijou and Walnut, apparently there is really a donkey named Rosco that sometimes visits!

Professional- Well, I’m starting a new job so I think that is a start. I’m slowly working toward my wearwell styling goals too. 🙂

GOALS for February-

Spiritual- Read through the study the Gospel of Mark

Personal- begin walking each morning

Professional- get into a routine

I also read a few books this month:
The Masterpiece by Francine Rivers- Advanced Copy- Review coming soon 2/15
Fire on the Track by Roseanne Montillo- Blogging for Books
Hallelujah Anyway by Anne Lamott

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