February 2018 | Impact Day | Red Rock Canyon Open Space

This is my first season as a Wild Keeper and I couldn’t be more excited! Initially I planned to join the group clean up at Chatfield State Park in Littleton, but as Impact day grew closer I realized I didn’t want to be driving and going that far in a potential snow storm. 

Instead, I opted for a local clean up and some local friends needed a few hours of community service and joined me, I’ll never say no to company on the trails!

Snow Covered

We went to Red Rock Canyon Open Space near Old Colorado City. After 2 hours and nearly 4 miles hiking and picking up trash we finally found our way back to the parking lot. We may have thought we were lost a few times, but ended up exactly where we needed to be! Note: Asher totally started in a jacket but halfway through he seemed really hot, so his coat became an extra arm warmer for me.

Keep It Wild Impact Day

In total we collected about 6 lbs of trash mostly consisting of dog poop that was bagged and left on trail. We did find some random things like a pair of shoes, a silver ball ornament and 1 Taco Bell Grande plastic cup. So, overall Coloradoans are doing a great job of keeping their parks clean! Keep up the good work! Next Impact Day is March 19! Where should I clean up next?

Thanks to Keep It Wild for making me a brand ambassador and encouraging others to nurture nature!

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