February 2018 | Wrap Up Post

It’s time for a monthly update, and I’m hoping you’re enjoying the accountability posts or will once I keep them up this year!

This month I participated in my first Impact Day with Keep It Wild, although the weather wasn’t great I got out and hiked/picked up trash for 2 hours with a few friends from church. Total we gathered about 6 lbs! Yeah for Coloradoans for picking up after themselves!

Keep It Wild Impact Day

I also participated in my first BANGS Blitz day. I’m so excited to have found and be apart of these fun online communities! Our theme for this Blitz day was companionship, and who better to take my photo with than my bestest dog, Asher.

GOALS for February-

Spiritual- Read through the study the Gospel of Mark. -Completed and read my thoughts, HERE.

Personal- begin walking each morning. This didn’t happen so much, but Asher and I started walking more often which is a great first step.

Professional- get into a routine. This is totally done, especially with my new work schedule, and though it might get tweaked occasionally I’m in a better place than I was in January.

GOALS for March-

Spiritual- Read book of John.

Personal- Be more positive and self affirming.

Professional- Challenge myself to change 1-2 things that will make my systems easier at work.

Books I read this month:

Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi– HIGHLY recommend, I don’t read nearly enough fiction and this was equally fascinating and educational.

And I started Anabaptist Essentials from Palmer Becker, learning the history & theology of the anabaptist movement.

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