March 2018 | Wrap Up Post

It’s spring! I seriously can’t believe it January would never end and now it’s basically April/Easter/Spring.

This month I participated in my 2nd Impact Day as a Wild Keeper, and since I was visiting family in Texas for a week this month my sister and I went and cleaned a park in my grandmother’s neighborhood that we used to frequent as kids.

I also participated in my 2nd BANGS Blitz day. The theme this month was ‘new beginnings’ and let’s be honest there are so many new beginnings going on in my life, it’s hard to photograph them. So, this photo is a great new beginning for the park I cleaned up while I visited my grandmother in Texas.

GOALS for March-

Spiritual- Read book of John- I’m almost done. Thank goodness the Bible app has a read to me feature which I enjoyed on the plane.

Personal- Be more positive and self affirming.- I had a hard time with this one, I hold myself and those around me to unrealistic standards and ultimately hurt my own feelings. This is an ongoing goal for sure.

Professional- Challenged myself to change 1-2 things that will make my systems easier at work.- I did make a few small changes at work that I think benefitted my work systems and my ability to be useful while I was away.


Spiritual- Read the book of Matthew.

Personal- Continue with the self-affirmation and positive thinking. Start sketching.

Professional- lean on others for support at work.

Books I read this month:

Anabaptist Essentials from Palmer Becker, I didn’t read much this month and am still making my way through this one.

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