April 2018 | Wrap Up Post

Well, April has been so incredibly busy (I’m writing this on April 5th). And we went from winter to spring to winter more than I care for in a month. But it seems maybe this time spring will stick around for more than 2 days before it snows again.

This month I participated in my 3rd and final Impact Day as a Wild Keeper, I went out early in the week with a friend and picked up trash at a park before Earth Day & Impact Day! Only about 2 lbs of trash in our 2.6-mile walk!

I also participated in my last BANGS Blitz day. The theme this month was ‘take a hike’ and let’s be honest this is probably the best and favorite theme of my time as a Bangs Ambassador. Even though I didn’t get out and take epic hiking photos I explored the theme of taking a hike in my caption. About getting out of my own way mentally and physically.

Also this month…

Style Challenge #spring10x10- which I only participated in a few days of because life happens and some things are more important that if you’re staying within a tightly constrained capsule wardrobe for 10 days.

It is also Fashion Revolution Week this week!

AND HAPPY 1YEAR ANNIVERSARY to Kendra & her hubs 🙂

GOALS for April-

Spiritual- Read the book of Matthew.- got started a little late, ok a lot late. OK, I haven’t started yet.

Personal- Continue with the self-affirmation and positive thinking. Start sketching.- I didn’t sketch but my journaling went up this month.

Professional- lean on others for support at work.- I did this a lot more often than I was expecting too.

GOALS for May-

Spiritual- Finish/Begin Matthew and begin the book of Luke.

Personal- Sketch every day.

Professional- Schedule time off for family time. Plan a weekend for just Travis & I. #couplesweekend

Books I read this month:

Anabaptist Essentials from Palmer Becker, I finally finished! (3 months later) Read my review/thoughts, HERE

The Hate U Give– picked this up from the library and am about to dive in!

I also was given Christian Nation to read by a gentleman from church, it a dystopian fiction novel that is equally horrifying and interesting that I’m excited to read next.

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