Mental Health Awareness Month | May

Did you know that May is Mental Health Awareness Month? I know nowadays it feels there is a month/week/day for everything out there but this month. This month is especially meaningful this year. 

I try not to put all my personal private info out there on the interwebs but can we be honest?

There is a real stigma surrounding mental health. My husband has depression. He has been depressed for many many years. This is not a result of a lack of faith or not praying enough, it is not the result of his profession or childhood trauma, this is a mental health condition he (and we) have been battling. I admit to praying for healing, for guidance and support. I have found many of these things provided for by non-church members and many with no faith at all.

Battling depression is not just his fight, it’s ours.

This month I hope to share with you some tips for supporting a loved one who has or is battling depression or mental illness. These are things we have learned and are currently using to try and get better. Resources from NAMI.

I’m not a doctor or licensed therapist. As always in the event of an emergency, dial 911.

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