May 2018 | Wrap Up Post

This month has been crazy busy. At the beginning of the month, I found out I had been included in RHE’s Book Launch team for her new book Inspired. It’s SO SO good. I admit it took me longer than I intended to read simply because it was incredibly deep and enlightening. It helped open me up to reading the Bible in a new way that gives me room to grow again spiritually.

And not to mention, it snowed this month. Seriously, Asher and I took the day to go visit a new dog park, which was fun because no one else was around.

Early in the month, I also realized I needed to do a little more self-care. I was sick and I never get 24-hour bugs. It was a hard weekend but it also enlightened by husband and he’s been more helpful with dinner duties and walking the dog.

I arranged for us to spend a weekend in Omaha one weekend, for this year’s U2 concert. Although we had to drive 8 hours both ways, it really wasn’t too bad and of course, Travis had a good time. We did get to see A LOT of Nebraska, which if you’ve never been is mostly flat-ish.

In case you missed anything I posted in the last month, I shared about Mental Health all month long. And I scarily opened up about why mental health awareness is important. And in an update we are continuing to seek professional help, therapists do amazing work.

Other than that, I’ve been doing a lot of writing. Exploring my personal feelings, how my faith relates to the things in my life and how faith has shaped my personality. Get ready for some interesting, and personal topics ranging from feminism, respect, peacemaking, and healthy relationships. I’m also hoping for some more fashion posts in the near future, but I’m still working on the perfect bribe for my husband to become my Instagram husband.

Look for more #wildkeeper and #BangsAmbassador IG posts this summer! I was invited back as an ambassador to both brands! How is it June?

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