Wear it Wednesday | 2018 Sseko Designs 10 ways 10 days

I’ve been participating in Sseko’s 10 ways 10 days challenge since…2016. The first year was 10 ways to wear your ribbon sandals, last year was how to wear any pair of sandals. But…

this year instead of 10 ways to wear your ribbon sandals or sandals, in general, they opened it up to the multiple ways and pieces you have and can wear any day of the week.

This meant 10 days of Sseko on Instagram with pieces I use on the regular and pieces that are more special occasion and I don’t wear very often, and I’m guilty of having so much Sseko that not all my pieces were showcased in the 10-day challenge.

Some of my pieces are ‘vintage’ and no longer available for example my ballet flats and my d’Orsay flats (not pictured). My first piece was the ribbon sandals which I knew I had to feature one day during the challenge, fitting to wear them on the last day. Full disclosure, some pictures are from last year but really I use all of these pieces regularly.

My ribbon sandals are my least used piece, simply because I have my DYDS and T-straps that I tend to wear more often. Although putting them on the other day reminded me how much I love them. Not to mention that tie is super secure and doesn’t get loose throughout the day which is always my worry when I wear them.

I love capsule and fashion challenges, such a good reminder of how versatile the pieces in your closet actually are. It’s nice to find new exciting ways to wear pieces you already love and own.

Links included are not affiliate links. I simply just love Sseko Designs and the work they do to empower women in Uganda and Ethiopia!

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