June 2018 | Wrap Up Post

Friends, how are we at the end of June? Seriously, I’m writing this and then publishing it, yeah procrastination! Also, I’m eagerly waiting for vacay later this summer.

June has come and gone or almost gone. The biggest celebration this month was, of course, celebrating our 11th anniversary. We’ve been married for 11 years. Shocking, I know. Here we are at the U2 concert in Omaha from May. This year was the year for steel, cue eyes rolling in thinking of something practical and affordable made of steel…I got Travis a flipbin for his records, not steel but aluminum so close. Travis got me a pair of The Root Collective mustard flats, that I may have been eyeing for the last 4 years, not steel at all but I’ll let it slide. 😉

I participated in my 3rd year of #10ways10days with Sseko Designs, this year the challenge was open to all variety of products, not just sandals and ribbon styles such a fun way to share my breadth of Sseko products! And I found out last night (June 27th) that I won a new pair of Custom Sandals, so stay tuned to see those when they arrive at the end of July!

Sseko Designs Ribbon Sandals the OG

I wrote some deeply personal and self-reflective posts this month, although some you won’t read until July and even August. I’ve been using this space more and more to explore my faith in relation to the life I am living and want to live. Some are very much first drafts and just the tip of the iceberg to exploring feminism, respect, loving others, immigration, and self-care in a modern, not selfish way.

Otherwise, this month was a lot of work and a lot of growth and a lot of adulting. I shared on Instagram some real life stuff. It’s hard to be authentic on a platform that is so visual and focused on what we want to see. Depression is not something you get over, it’s not something that you just go on with your life with, it affects everything you think feel, say, and do or don’t do. It affects relationships, but we’ve been making some significant progress and I am feeling more positive.

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