Canon City 2018

Well, the 2018 Shelby’s family come to Colorado for vacation was a hit. We had fun to say the least. The closest to a family vacation with all of us before this one was all of us in Vegas a few years ago for my dad’s birthday.

This was even better. My mom found us a fabulous cabin in the mountains a split level with a loft. Essentially we all had our own floor, bedroom, and bathroom. Asher had the pleasure to meet my mom & dad’s dog Daisy. I was worried about them getting along but he did SO well but was a bit clingy.

We kicked off the trip by leaving Colorado Springs and driving into a fabulous summer thunderstorm as we left Canon City. When we pulled off on the dirt road that leads to the house, I pulled over to let the truck, my mom’s truck, lead the way. I figured if I got stuck in the mud they would be able to get me out. Plus, mom had the actual directions to the house.

We planned for everyone to have their fair share of time cooking in the kitchen, but keeping mom out of the kitchen is impossible. She helped every breakfast and dinner, no matter who was scheduled that day. I really appreciated her cutting the fruit every morning, especially the days I cooked breakfast. It’s something I would have simply overlooked. I loved cooking with my dad and my brother in law. It’s so fun to spend time with them in different ways.

We played cover & shoved it a few times, and they attempted to teach me 21. Math is not my strong suit so, adding was entertaining to say the least. Dad made us adult lemonades and I enjoyed it way too much. But not TOO much.

We visited the Royal Gorge on our first day there. We’d visited there when Haley & I were younger. I’ll be writing more about the bridge and the gorge in a few weeks.

Travis and I went on a walk around our cabin one morning, Asher loved our off leash walks. I was worried about snakes and cacti but he didn’t find any snakes and somehow he didn’t step on any cacti and we saw and walked around several, big and small.

Since we were all together for a vacation, and the last time we were all together was the wedding in Austin last year, we planned on taking some family photos. We’d decided navy and green were in everyone’s closets so that made coordinating easy. Although, Haley left her hang up clothes at home, good thing I’d set aside a top to give her a few months ago that fit our scheme. 😉

We also spent a day in Cripple Creek, which ironically we could have driven home instead of going back to the cabin and it would have been nearly the same distance. Dad did a little gambling, we rode the narrow gauge railroad, walked the main street, bought sweets and had a picnic in the park. It was a great way to spend the day, and thanks to a queasy stomach I rode up front on the way home.

So glad to have had this time to spend with my family. I love them so much, and I swear she is still getting taller, how is that even fair? ANyways, it was a great week full of hilarious moments, snuggles, baseball, quiet morning on the patio with coffee watching the sun come up with my dad and the dogs. Yeah, it was a good week.

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