July 2018 | Wrap Up Post

Well, it seems I totally flaked and forgot to update you on the month of July. Although if you’ve been reading along, you know a huge portion of this month was devoted to a family vacation, which was a much-needed break from reality.

Instead of buying gifts for our birthdays this month, Travis and I decided to do 23 and Me Ancestry DNA kits. My results were not very exciting to say the least!

So, I wasn’t entirely surprised. My maternal grandfather was supposed to be Irish and my paternal side often spoke of our French heritage. That .3% Sub Saharan African was the most surprising, considering my paternal grandfather often told us about our Native American Heritage and that didn’t show up at all.

Travis hasn’t gotten his back yet, so we are eagerly waiting on his email.

I was on 2 book launch teams this month. Both reviews will be out in August on the launch dates and am honored to have virtually met these authors and learned from them!

The custom sandals I won from my participation in #10ways10days arrived and I’m in love! Bring on endless days of boyfriend jeans and slide on sandals, at least until it starts to snow.

I also spontaneously decided to change my blog & social media handles. This is *kinda* a big deal, I’ve been adventurous shelby for so long. When we lived in California it was kind of an aspiration, and when we moved back I had grand plans to do all those adventurous things I’d been wanting to do. But the more and more I thought about it, I still feel wildly unadventurous. I mean ziplining is a hard no for me, I’ve never done a 14er, and I can still barely run a half mile at this elevation. Yes, I’m still striving for some adventure but stylishly shelby seems a bit more me presently. No worries. I’ve held on to adventurous_shelby on Instagram, although that account is empty at the moment.
Thoughts on this ‘brand’ new me?

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