Wear it Wednesday | Fall Love

I may be a July baby and I know it’s only halfway through August, but fall is my favorite season. It’s not just the pumpkin everything that gets me excited. But it’s the layers, the weight of clothes changes and the tone.

day 3

I especially love the tone of fall, earthy, calm, meditative almost. I wouldn’t consider myself a revealing person nor a modest person, but I have this thing for long sleeves…seriously my favorite thing. (I’m always cold, so that may be why, I frequently wear shorts with long sleeves in the summer) Part of the reason I think I love long sleeves so much is having grown up in south Texas, these were not common in our closets. In fact, I didn’t like wearing sweaters for the longest time, now they are my favorite things.

I don’t tend toward bright and bold colors, so my closet feels awkward in the summer. My navy, olive, burnt sienna, and pastels all feel so unwelcome in a season that boasts in neons and the boldest versions of every color. Needless to say but early August is one of my favorite times as a shopper, it’s when fall lines come out and I finally feel excited to shop again. My earthy toned closet yeilds it’s self very versatile for this time of the year, 90% of the things I own can be worn together in a stylish way. And even if I don’t have a minimal closet, at least it all works together and I love wearing it.

Another reason to love the fall, layers. Lightweight jackets, scarves, ankle boots, cardigans, vests, shawls, seriously there is so much POTENTIAL in a fall wardrobe. And if you must know, yes, I love the easiness of sandals and boots are basically the fall/winter version in my book. I essentially wear these 2 types of shoes, sandals in the spring/summer and boots (and any form thereof) in the fall/winter and I have no problems with this way of life.


While dresses are my go-to staple for those incredibly hot summer days, I also find myself leaning into these pieces in the dead of winter. There is something strong and feminine about wearing a dress in the winter, and not just for Dressember.

Do you love fall style? What is your favorite season to dress for?

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