Wear it Wednesday | My 14 day Style Diary

I’m rereading The Curated Closet and realized now would be a great time to do a closet assessment as I prepare for my first fall here in Colorado. So, I started by writing down and photographing, in some instances, what I wore for 2 weeks. I took the opportunity to wear as many pieces from my closet so I could understand what I truly love in my closet.

Here are my outfits from the last 14 days, well mostly 14 days. I didn’t photograph my loungewear days.

What I learned from writing down my outfits for 2 weeks…

Home – 2 days a week
I didn’t actually log what I wore on these days because it consisted of work out shorts and a tee shirt.

Work – 4 days a week
Work is casual but put-together, which is most of my closet thankfully!

Errands – 1 day a week
I actually get dressed to run errands. It’s a great way to motivate myself and feel good.

What I learned based on the pieces I wore:

Bottoms – I like skinny jeans all washes and styles, so long as I can wear them with most of the tops in my closet. I have one pair of ‘jeggings’ which I feel particularly sexy in, I really rather show off my legs and lower half figure than my upper half.

Tops – 3/4 sleeve tops, straight fitting, and classic stripes with modest coverage without being frumpy. I prefer tops that are more fitted through the bust and arms and looser through the midsection. Also, stripes. I love stripes. Maybe add other prints?

Shoes – I prefer comfort (sandals) and love interesting (mustard flats). I particularly enjoy my custom made sandals and shoes that tell the story of how important it is to buy ethically.

Next, I will be evaluating what pieces I love and don’t in my closet. And making the decision to get rid of pieces that don’t quite fit my lifestyle.

Have you ever evaluated your closet and adjusted your wardrobe to better fit your lifestyle?

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