Wear It Wednesday | Thunderpants USA

**Full disclosure: Thunderpants USA sent me these undies free of charge to review and share with my followers. The following is my honest opinion.**

In the world of ethically made and sustainable apparel, it seems basics and undergarments are nearly always tossed by the wayside. My biggest issue is splurging on these items because honestly, it is a splurge even though in the end they are always well worth it.

Introducing Thunderpants USA, organic cotton is grown in India, knitted and printed with eco-friendly dyes in New Zealand, and assembled here in the USA in Portland, OR. Now, remember when I said that they would be a splurge, at $24 a pair these are the splurgiest undies in my dresser drawers. And worth. every. single. penny.

Thunderpants contacted me asking if I would be interested in getting a pair or two of their classic cut undies and sharing with my audience my opinion. So here I am folks talking about underwear on my blog, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

These undies are first and foremost buttery soft, you’ll never want to take them off and when you do you’ll be dreaming about laundry day.

Second, these are not thin flimsy panty fabric. I was shocked by the weight of these, and they have the perfect amount of stretch. Perfect. The band at the waist and leg hole openings are not merely elastic but instead the same fabrication as the body of the undie so they don’t cut into you.

Third, my friends at a time when the high rise is literally on the rise, I have not been brave enough to try high rise panties. I have now and my life is forever changed. The coverage of both the high rise and the hipsters provide is uber flattering like I want to walk around in my apartment in my undies. I particularly like how they sit on my leg like they don’t cut off at my leg joint instead coming down just enough. And they don’t scoot into my booty if you know what I’m talking about and I think you do. 😉

Lastly, Thunderpants USA is extremely inclusive in their advertising which I seriously love!

image via Thunderpants USA

So, do you want a pair of thundies for yourself? Lucky you! Because I’m giving away one pair of Thunderpants USA undies in their NEW Doodly blue print (below)! Head over to Instagram!

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