Wear it Wednesday | Fall 2018 10×10 Challenge Recap

I thought I timed my Stylish Fall 10×10 perfectly. I thought I had the perfect diversity in sleeve lengths, color palette, denim tones. What I thought the weather would be like for these first 10 days in October and what it has been has been two very different things.

Let’s recap the pieces I selected:

Green Bell Sleeve Top (Long Sleeves)
Orange Cold Shoulder Turtleneck (Long Sleeves)
Black & White Striped Tee (Short Sleeves)
Mustard Ruffle Hem Tunic (3/4 Sleeves)
Black & White Buffalo Plaid Flannel (added 10/9)

Black Distressed Denim
Dark Wash Jeggings
Light Washed Distressed Denim

2018 Dressember Dress  | swapped for my 2016 Turtleneck Swing Dressember dress

LAYER + Jackets
Black Circle Vest

I jumpstarted this Stylish Fall 10×10 with an 80-degree day, (thanks global warming) but I thankfully planned for a variant in weather with my short sleeve striped Elegantees top. Although the next day, Tuesday, October 2, was also a little on the warm side, I tried to get into the fall spirit wearing my orange cold-shoulder top with my cozy navy cardigan. Wednesday, October 3rd I was warm again, desperate to not wear my striped tee for the 3rd time in a week I prayed for cooler weather. I did opt to layer it with my olive cargo jacket instead of a cardigan, I love those pockets. And I reached for my light wash denim one more time. Then we had some beautiful fall days, and I did have to get creative with layering. Thursday, October 4th is a work from home day, I typically get dressed but Travis was surprised how dressed I got. My 3/4 length sleeve mustard ruffle hem tunic was perfect for a day of working in my office, styling away. I did get warm and had to remove my scarf but otherwise, this was a great sitting cross-legged in my chair typing on my computer outfit. Friday, October 5th, was significantly cooler, I vowed to wear all my tops at least once, so today was my chive bell-sleeve top, I ended up wrapping the sleeve so I could wear a cardigan over it. Like I said, it was SIGNIFICANTLY cooler.

Saturday, October 6th, was a lounge day. I didn’t get dressed. Sorry, not sorry. I stayed in my sweats and watched a movie with Travis before reading the afternoon away. It’s the only day during the challenge I didn’t get dressed.

On October 7th, it started to edge on winter instead of fall. I was bound and determined to make my limited wardrobe work for me. Since it became obvious my new Dressember dress wouldn’t be arriving for my challenge, I swapped it for another Dressember dress, one very appropriate for the fall and colder weather. Monday, October 8th, I had a hard decision to make. It was ACTUALLY snowing outside, so I picked out my long sleeve cold shoulder top (orange one) and layered it with a wool short sleeve sweater. This was a GENIUS idea, it covered up my ‘cold shoulder’ and added weight to a top that wasn’t going to keep me warm on its own. On Tuesday, October 9th, I added my 10th piece to my Style Challenge, a black & white buffalo plaid flannel top. With a high of 40 and a chance of snow I knew I needed the extra warmth of this top. Since I hadn’t worn my circle vest yet in the challenge, I knew it would be a great addition to my flannel top and made me feel so much more feminine. On the final day of the challenge, Wednesday, October 10th, I knew exactly what I wanted to wear, it, of course, would be layered but I picked out my black and white buffalo plaid flannel (again) and layered a deep hunter green sweater over it, added my distressed black denim and tall warm boots. It was legit snowing this morning and still is. (My day 10 photo coming soon!)

None of my looks let me down. If anything I had to adapt to the unexpectedly cold weather. This took some extra layers, and some creativity because I wanted nothing more than to wear a tee shirt with a flannel shirt, under a sweater with leggings and jeans. It’s always a good reminder of how far you can get with just 10 pieces. It’s a great reminder of how versatile your clothes ACTUALLY are. For the most part, I don’t need more clothes, I need to be more creative with what I have.


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