Wear It Wednesday | My Style

How do I define my style? I base my style on the pieces I wear frequently and styles I gravitate toward. Here are the words, I use to describe the pieces in my closet and how I define my personal style, as of right now. Because style, like life, is always evolving.

CLASSIC | I’m a sucker for a simple white tee with my favorite jeans. Literally my favorite outfit in my closet.

GLOBAL DETAILS | I prefer pieces made ethically, and I prefer subtle details that connect us. A local print for the region or country, a cut popular for women in that culture. It reminds me that we are all citizens on this blue planet.

CASUAL | Easy, comfortable, welcoming. Words that I hope describe me and my style.

FEMININE | I am not going to lie, I love a touch of feminine flair. Peplum, ruffles, floral, a circle skirt, and a pop of pink.

I have two different styles, that I wear frequently. Sometimes they mesh in one perfect ensemble and sometimes they are very different and distinct.

Style Diary | shelbyclarkeblog.com

ELEVATED CASUAL | Everyday comfortable styles with an elevated twist, perfect for day to night. Think cool dog mom on the go, perfect for pretending I’m 20-ish again and concerting.

day 1

MODERN WOMAN | Feminine and chic, trend forward but professional highlighting her features in a demure way without being dowdy.


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