Walk for Freedom | 2018 Colorado Springs

I’m not sure where I get my strong sense of fairness and ethics. I’m always surprised when I meet people and I get into my strong ethics they ask if I was ever in animal rescue. Yeah? Why? My strong love for justice for the oppressed and the innocent is deep, it flows through every action of my being. I remember signing up to volunteer cleaning up for an hour during the Nickelodeon Kids Award Show, I had to be like 7 or something. 

My list of passions is still long and strong, its evolved and grown and cleaned up in a grown-up sort of way. (Animal rescue and adoption obviously, fair trade, safe work environments, employment opportunities for women, immigrant rights, equality, and the end of modern-day slavery, all lives ought to be valued even those of our supposed enemies and especially those who don’t look like us.)

I’ve seen photos of the A21 Walk for Freedom for several years, beginning in 2015 when we lived in California. Unfortunately, our small town in the Central Valley didn’t host events like this, especially since walks like the A21 Walk for Freedom was done in San Francisco and Sacramento, and I didn’t want to drive to another place to walk. I wanted to walk in my city.

I’ve been slowly stalking the A21 to see if there would be a walk nearby, there was obviously one being hosted in Denver. But I didn’t want to go to Denver. Imagine my excitement when I saw a walk hosted here in Colorado Springs. I  immediately signed myself and husband up to participate. I learned that this is the FIRST Walk for Freedom in Colorado Springs, which is part of the reason why we walked around Prospect Lake and not downtown. There was little to no advertising so the folks that signed up and showed up because they care about human trafficking and it made this walk a wee bit more special.

I am raising funds through Dressember for organizations like A21 through the end of the year. I set a high goal for myself of $500 to help rescue and restore individuals from human trafficking and modern-day slavery.


You probably recognize Dressember because I’ve participated for the last 4 years, and this year I’m not only wearing a dress every day in December, again but I’m actually trying to fundraise.

To thank you in helping me reach my goal, I am raffling off an ethically made item each week in December beginning December 8th. I’m super excited for the items generously donated to even make this possible! Brands to be announced in November! 😉

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