October 2018 | Wrap Up

So, apparently I haven’t been keeping up with these as much as I would have hoped but I’ve also had enough happen in the last month to justify writing one.

I kicked off October with a 10×10 Style Challenge, a wonderful opportunity to get creative in my closet and only wear 10 pieces for 10 days. It started off smashingly and hot, 80 degrees! And by day 6 or so it was 50 degrees so yeah fall! We even got snow by day 9 and 10. Seriously. Read about my full experience here.

On Saturday, October 20th, Travis and I walked in our first ‘march’ to raise awareness of human trafficking and modern-day slavery. (Learn more about A21) We met the incredible lady and organization that put on the walk this year and how she is impacting those rescued from trafficking situations right here in Colorado.

Unfortunately, I didn’t raise the first $100 for Dressember by that Saturday and if I had I would have walked in a dress. Speaking of Dressember, registration opened on October 1st, and I was right there. The Dressember dress I ordered last month arrived and boy am I excited about it! Join my Team or Donate to my Campaign, I am raffling off ethically made items each week in December to my donors!

Personally, this last month has been hard. Travis has begun looking and applying for new jobs, while the hospital he was at was unable to accommodate his medical needs (no overnight on-calls). He is networking with folks from our church, applying to chaplain positions and other ministry-related jobs. And we have been talking about what is good and right for us during this season. Thankfully medications and therapy seem to be doing wonders, I am so grateful for the patience of others during this time with us as we figure out this season of life. It’s not easy, but we are more connected and communicate better than ever. Yes, it has been hard. There have been tears, and pleading with God at times, and this is where we are learning to lean on Him. Nope, I can’t do life by myself, I am not in control of everything. I’ve just finished reading Preach to Yourself from Hayley E. Morgan and it is a very VERY timely read.

Things I’m looking forward to in November:

I’m going to be working on Dressember posts and inspiration as well as recruiting for my Dressember Team and increasing donations! I’d love to have you join me in wearing a dress every day in December! I love November because I do my shopping during this month for Christmas which is small and intentionally thoughtful. There is the potluck Thanksgiving meal at church, which I’m excited about and the weather. Colorado in November is everything my fall loving heart lives for. I’m also looking forward to wearing pants and jeans because next month is DRESSEMBER!

Tell me about your favorite memory from this October & what you’re looking forward to in November!

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