2018 Dressember | November Edition

Dressember registration has been open for a month now! Do you have some questions on how you can participate? Or maybe you’re just curious why we wear dresses? Answers below!

Things to know about Dressember:

1. Why a dress or a tie?
Women & girls are exploited daily around the world simply for being a female. They are sold into slavery, denied access to education and married off way too young. When women & girls are denied the same education and opportunities as boys not only do they suffer so does the country as a whole. We choose to wear dresses during the coldest month of the year to show our communities, friends, and the world that you can do anything in a dress, our femininity does not hold us back from success. Now, women and girls aren’t the only victims of human trafficking. Men & boys are also exploited especially in manual labor, but also in sex trafficking.


2. What if I don’t have 31 dresses?
Wear what you have! The goal of Dressember is to challenge yourself creatively and wear a dress daily (every time YOU choose what you wear). This can take several different forms:
1) Wear one dress the entire month in a different way- get creative!
2) Wear a variety of dresses, shop your closet! (my personal favorite way to do Dressember)
3) Wear a special occasion dress if you really want to grab peoples attention.
Want a new dress for Dressember? Check out the official Dressember Dresses made by women rescued from sex trafficking in Nepal made with Elegantees.

3. Can guys participate?
YES! Instead of wearing a dress wear a bow tie every day. Certainly, at some point someone will ask why you are wearing bow ties every day, another option is to wear a bow tie and a Dressember pin.

4. It’s cold where I live, how do I wear a dress in December?
You can still wear a dress, get creative with leggings, jeans (yes you can wear jeans under a dress!), tights, tall boots, and sweaters. I live where it is cold, need some inspiration, follow me on Instagram and trust me, I will be crying for pants and warm tops 10 days in. It happens every year. You can do anything in a dress! Check out the hashtag for Inspiration!

5. What if I wear a uniform to work?
Don’t break your work dress code, the goal is to choose to wear a dress every time YOU decide what you’re going to wear that day. So, on days off, on date night, going to run errands, a weekend at the beach, or in the mountains, hiking or skiing- wear a dress! If you’re allowed add a Dressember pin!

6. Do I have to wear a dress ALL THE TIME?
If you have a dress code for work, are working out, or lounging at home then there is no need to wear a dress. We all have limitations, but every time you stand in front of your closet and decide what to wear for the day, the challenge is to choose a dress to raise awareness of how men, women, and children are exploited around the world.

7. What about skirts?
It’s called Dressember not Skirtember 🙂 but feel free to style a skirt OVER a dress, to create a new look when you’re running out of ideas. Since adding a mustard skirt to my wardrobe earlier this year, I’m excited for all the ways to incorporate it with my dresses!

8. Where does the money go?
Dressember is a 501 (c) 3 organization and has increased their grant giving this year to 13 organization in the US and abroad to rescue and restore individuals from human trafficking. More, here.

9. Does it cost anything?
NOPE! And even if you don’t raise anything, the goal of Dressember is to raise awareness that slavery is alive and well in our modern age with more people trapped in slavery now than ever before. Make a Donation!

10. How do I sign up?
Visit the Dressember website and pick a team, or join my team!

Dressember Accessory Necessities

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