a love letter to my houseplants

An ode to houseplants of the past. I’m sorry I didn’t keep you alive and even though you died a probably tragic death by your own account. I have to admit, I learned a lot from you.

I’ve been reading and noticing when you do better, and how the light in my office is great but I have to keep you away from the cats…and I’ve figured out how to do that. I also learned not to immediately replant you upon returning from Trader Joe’s.

It is probably the hardest thing I’ve had to learn, be patient while you adjust to the light and humidity of our home. I have also learned terracotta is king for you, and do my best not to plant you in cute mugs or cans despite what Pinterest wants me to think. 

I’ve been trying to add you to my house because, although it would take 200 of you in every room to purify the air, it’s nice to have you there. Quitely growing and living amid our chaos. Although I cringe when I see a kitty has chewed on your leaves, I know by making a few changes you’ll be okay again.

Thank you houseplants for sticking with me. You have truly taught me that patience brings beautiful things into the world.

Do you have houseplants? I’m not one of those crazy people with 10 in each room, but I do love to have plants in my house. They make it feel alive.  Why do you keep, grow, or buy houseplants?

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