Wear It Wednesday | Why I wear a dress

I admit that Dressember was a thousand times easier when I lived in California, but I also worked from home and honestly no one *actually* noticed I was wearing a dress every day because I left the house like 3 times a week and saw vastly different groups of people each time. 

Last year, was my first year in Colorado. It was more difficult than previous years but not impossible. On the plus side, for me, it wasn’t gruesomely cold so that helped me immensely get dressed each day. I have an eerie feeling it will be significantly colder this year because November has been so much colder. It also helps that I ordered a dress with SLEEVES and some length. Last year I ordered a dress for the warm and mild winter that is Central California Valley, I didn’t know we were going to here, and layering was necessary.

So, why.

Why do I wear a dress every day in the month of December?

Because I am free. I am free to choose what I do with my life and my body.

Did you know that there are anywhere from 20-40 million slaves in the world today?

Many of the world’s slaves are trapped in the sex industry and manual labor, here and abroad. This includes men and women, boys and girls, in the USA and in Europe, India, China, and Africa. Human trafficking exists all around the world.

I wear a dress because, with the freedom I have, I want to show the world you can do anything in a dress. My femininity does not hold me back, it is a strength. I wear a dress because I can make a difference, I can tell you that young girls in Nepal are sold because they are girls. I wear a dress because of the traffickers that bring people into the USA then refuse to give them pay or their papers until they’ve ‘worked off their passage’. I wear a dress because I want everyone around me to know that slavery is alive and well. I am a modern-day abolitionist.

Yes, wearing a dress in December in Colorado can be uncomfortable at times. Yes, it’s a choice. Yes, I look like a crazy person. And it is worth it to rescue the vulnerable and to restore their humanity.

Won’t you join me in wearing a dress (or tie) this December?

Click the image below to join my team or donate.

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