2019 | Word of the Year

For a few years now, I’ve given up on new years resolutions and chosen a word of the year.

Each year has proven that the word chosen was correct and brings a whole new meaning to the word. As I mentioned in my wrap up post, 2018 was Grow. And boy did we grow, and stretch and push ourselves in incredible ways.

This year my word is Empower.

I want to empower those around me, those connected to me, and those globally. I want to make a difference in the world. I want to believe in myself, give hope and support to those around me to pursue their dreams, and empower women globally to be independent and strong.

What I want empower to mean and what it will end up meaning are probably different and will be challenging to do but I accept that possibility when choosing my word of the year.

What will 2019 look like? I have no idea. I hope it is positive, full of good things, healthy relationships, peacebuilding, loving our neighbors, extending grace, listening with open hearts & minds, and bringing people together.

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