Wear it Wednesday | Wardrobe Resolutions

It’s a new year with new opportunities and new ways to be better and challenge yourselves. I’m not a fan of the loose # of pounds or go to the gym daily resolutions. Mostly because they begin and end without getting anywhere. But I love fashion resolutions.

One of my favorite ways to welcome the new year, besides being comfy on my couch in my sweatpants under my favorite blanket with a cup of hot chocolate, is to take notice of what I’m wearing. After making resolutions to remove fast fashion from my shopping habits I finally have a conscience closet I am proud of. And those fast fashion buys are still in there until they wear out, literally! So, here are some tips on minimizing and staying conscience about your closet in the new year.

Hangers | I start by turning all the hangers in my closet the wrong way, you know so it opens towards you instead of towards the back of your closet. Then as I wear items in my closet I can easily recognize what has and hasn’t been worn. 

Style Diary | Keep a notebook, a simple flip style works and write down what you’re wearing. If you’re using the Cladwell App then this is a bit easier. Although, I do find it easier to look at a list than try to see my past style history within Cladwell. Another way to keep a style diary is to take a photo of your outfit each day, this doesn’t have to be fancy all you need is a full-size mirror and your cell phone.

After 3 months, I encourage you to really take stock of what you have worn and haven’t worn. If you aren’t wearing things because they need repair, get them repaired. But if you aren’t wearing things because they don’t fit, I urge you to remove them from your closet and either donate or sell. Notice what you’re missing, and start looking to replace that item. Maybe you can get it from a thrift store or perhaps need to actually do some shopping. 

For example, I’ve been wanting to add a wool felt hat to my wardrobe. I keep an eye out on Poshmark and a few other places but also know which brand I want to buy from if that is what it comes too. 

Since we are fully into winter, it’s not fair to go through your spring and summer styles yet. Wait until the weather actually warms up, and after putting away your winter pieces sort your through your closet and remove the damaged, don’t fit, or are not my style anymore. Donate or sell, and seek out replacement pieces as needed, just as you did at the beginning of the year!

Happy Styling, Shelby

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