Wear It Wednesday | All the denim

It was only last month when I gave up my jeans for dresses, since January 1 however, my looks have been very denim heavy. Don’t get me wrong, I love dresses, and I love the dressember style challenge but I also love my jeans.

Now that I’ve been wearing my jeans again for almost a month, here are some of my favorite cuts, styles, and 2019 denim trends.

Cuts | Let me be honest, when skinny jeans came out, I was skeptical, to say the least. But after getting my first pair in 2014, I was SOLD. 9 out of 10 times I’m in denim, I’m in skinny jeans and if you don’t love skinny jeans then you probably haven’t tried them. And if you still don’t like skinny jeans that’s fine, they aren’t for everyone. I was also slow to get on the boyfriend jeans bandwagon, and now I know why people love them so much! A completely different cut and style than skinny jeans, these are my comfy and casual go-to’s!

Styles | In warmer months, I love cropped denim. And if I don’t have a pair of cropped denim, I am a firm believer in rolling your jeans, it’s not always ‘runway chic’ but it’s practical and really makes your jean selection so much more versatile. I also love little details, like a braided pocket detail or button front styles.

Trends to watch for | Embroidered and colored denim aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Watch for big bell bottoms this spring and summer, perfect with button front details to pair with crochet crop tops for an ode to the ’70s. Personally, I have a pair of overalls on my denim wishlist.
While Duotone denim, split hems, and destroyed & repaired denim will be trend forward in 2019. (a few of my favorites from live fashionABLE are below)

Denim Jackets | This wardrobe staple is making a come back. As a kid this was part of my everyday uniform, I seriously wore a red denim jacket all through Middle school. I have no idea if it was cool or not but that’s never really mattered to me. Since then I really haven’t worn a denim jacket until my dad bought me one for Christmas 2 years ago, it’s been a welcome addition to my wardrobe in the spring and fall for cool days!

What are your thoughts on denim jackets?
Yay or Nay?
Do you prefer distressed/worn in styles or new crisp denim?
Indigo, colored denim, black or white?

Day 10

Happy Styling, Shelby

This post contains affiliate links. By purchasing through the links on my blog I receive a small compensation at no additional cost to you. 

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