Sustainability & Pets

In light of living a more mindful life, that means being more mindful of the things I buy and throw out as a pet parent. We have one dog, Asher, and two fur monsters aka kitties aka Shade and Huey. While they bring us a lot of joy they also require things that get thrown away.

When I buy things for my pets, the goal is long term. Originally, I spent a lot of money on things that didn’t last when Asher was a puppy and that my cats simply showed no interest in. 

Asher hiking Mt Cutler, 2013

Now that I’m older and wiser. I’ve learned how to buy less for my pets, while collars are essentially outfits for my dog, they are nothing more than glorified tag holders and he really doesn’t need a new one to wear every season or holiday. My cats are pretty simple, they love pipe cleaners to play with and a stick feather toy, that they’ve had for several years. Ironically, their favorite toy mice are ones made from burlap and natural feathers, I find mine from Target on occasion.

While we don’t buy much in way of toys these days, but we do buy a lot of cat litter and food and poop bags for the dog. When looking at cat litter options we prefer to buy natural cat litters, the downfall to this is I feel they are very very dusty. And this may not be a big deal for you but I’ve had to wash my own cat’s face because it looks like he went digging in a sandbox. Otherwise, we’ve really like natural cat litter and buy Sweat Scoop regularly. There are plenty of other options out there.

Poop bags for the dog are literally like buying trash bags. We buy them to throw away, and I hate that. EarthRated is my favorite doggie poop bags, you’re very much a dog mom when you have a strong preference for dog poop bags. I’ve been using them since basically we got Asher, and have never had a problem. Personally, I like the lavender ones, cause if we’re going, to be honest, Asher’s poo stinks. 

Living a more mindful life, with pets can cause some issues, like throwing away poop bags. But biodegradable poop bags and natural cat litter help make sustainable living a litter easier.

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