What does ‘mindful living’ mean?

I revamped my header and some design details recently on my blog. January is a great time to update are reevaluate my blog and the direction I’m going cause if we’re being honest. This poor blog has been all over the place in the last 8 years since I started!

One of the things I added to my header was attempting mindful living. Well, I’ve had a few people ask what exactly does that mean. And this is hopefully going to help clear that up for everyone.

above-ground-photo-of-succulent-plants-on-brown-wooden-board-1470168First, mindful living is how I want to approach life. Yes, I’ve been working on a conscience closet for years but mindful living is more encompassing. Like noticing where I regularly spend my money, do these brands represent my values? Am I buying things overly packaged? Can I buy something similar with less wasteful packaging? Organic vs locally grown vs fair trade, I have a lot of struggles at the grocery store…

Mindful living is also being mindful of my wellbeing, more time spent in books and out in the mountains, ironically away from the screen and this computer. It’s about an overall healthy approach to living with room for the occasional gummi bear celebration or the indulgent bit of queso cause this Texas girl cannot live without queso.

A mindful life will look different for everyone, I’m in no way saying how I chose to live is superior to anyone else. It’s about humility and learning how to care for my body, my emotional health, this planet, and living into my values.

Overall, I feel like mindful living is something I’ve both been doing for a while and at the same time am learning to do. Some days it’s super easy and other days, you end up at target buying $100 worth of I don’t even know what. And for those days there is grace. Lots of grace.

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