Wear It Wednesday | Clogs

One of my Style resolutions for 2019 was to add clogs, real swedish inspired clogs to my wardrobe. Of course the brand I wanted was a bit outside my budget (okay way outside my budget) so I began brainstorming other less expensive brands that still met my ethical values.

After talking to a few people, soley about clogs, I decided on a pair of T-strap clogs from Lotta from Stockholm.

Handmade in Sweden, vegetable tanned leather, plus the rubber soles and staples are made in Sweden, not to mention sustainably sourced Alder wood. That actually checks all my boxes, and a few more if I’m being honest.

When it comes to clogs there are actually a lot of style options. I’ve found since getting my clogs that not everyone knows the difference between clogs and mules. So here is a short lesson:

Calou Tyra Clog from Lotta of Stockholm

When originally were created clogs were the shoe of the ordinary citizen, valued for their comfort and protection of the foot. Clogs are made with wood and feature a platform base and heel, while clogs are typically closed toed, they come in a variety of styles now including peep toe and with or without a back strap, but a well made pair of clogs feature a solid wood base. This is imperative to being a clog or not.

While mules were the shoes of aristocrats and typically have an open back, a high heel (stacked wood or other material), but no platform. 

live fashionABLE Rojas Mule

Now a days you can easily buy flat mules and block heel mules like these from live fashionABLE. A great alternative to ballet flats not quiet sandals.

Next I’d like to add brown peep toe’s to my collection, the aubergine T-strap I bought for my closet are perfect for my mostly neutral wardrobe!

I have a whole Pinterest board devoted to clogs and clog style. FOLLOW HERE

This post contains affiliate links. By purchasing through the links on my blog I receive a small compensation at no additional cost to you. 

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