The Spring Style Struggle

How do I or you dress for cold weather in the morning and warm weather in the afternoon?

If this is not the ultimate spring style challenge, I don’t know what is. Here in Colorado our mornings can range from 20-40 degrees and our afternoons, 50-65 degrees. And at this point in the year, I’m mostly over wearing a parka. I will not hesitate to bust it out for the right circumstance but for the most part, I’m leaving her in the closet if at all possible and I’m sure you feel the same way too.

Know your layers, for me I typically choose to wear a lightweight half to short sleeve top during spring, because long sleeves tend to feel too hot on their own. But with a short sleeve top I can add a lightweight layer like a cardigan or chambray button down top. This is of course meant to be comfortable inside working at a desk, or when active outside. Then I like to layer with either an unlined utility jacket, denim jacket, or my cozy patagonia poly blend jacket. My rule of thumb is I’d rather have too many and be able to take them off than cold and not enough to put on.

Shelby in a white peplum tee layered with a button down chambray unbuttoned with an olive utility jacket, dark wash skinny jeans in burgundy clogs

Know your weather. (Maybe this should have been the first point.) How big of a temperature difference is there from 8 am to 4 pm? If there isn’t much then plan on one heavier layer, if it is quiet dramatic like 20-40 degrees, plan for multiple lightweight layers that can be paired together.

Here I can check the weather for 10 days out but I really only trust the 24 hour-48 hour weather, on any given day. We’ve had a week of fantastic weather, sunshine and gorgeous blue sky days. And then. And then. Now we’re back to a much more mild version of spring with room for more layers…so check your weather people!

Drastic Spring Weather

Now, beyond layering and weather how on earth do you coordinate the things in your closet to wear them together like this? Speaking from experience, I keep my wardrobe color palette pretty limited. My closet is all in a certain color range where everything can basically be worn with everything else. This keeps it easy to layer during the strange spring season. Another idea is to have a great versatile neutral layering piece, like a white jacket or gray cardigan. When everything plays nicely with each other you are free to layer a wine purple top with a gray cardigan under a denim jacket without any issues. I would recommend only one pattern in this mix to keep your look cohesive and unified without it being overly busy.

What is your go-to method for dressing for cool spring mornings and warm afternoons?

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