Finished Reading | Buy the change you want to see by Jane Mosbacher Morris

When I see books focused on ethical fashion and practices, I’m drawn to them, naturally of course, but I quickly become bored because I already know what they are telling me. Not the case with Buy the change you want see by Jane M. Morris, founder and CEO of To the Market.

Jane tells readers about her own story into the ethical business world and how not only has she helped artisans around the globe how they have transformed her view of buiness to uplift and empower people. Not only does she highlight the process of ethically made but how BIG businesses located here in the US have made steps to live out their values through the purchasing of items by artisan groups and the impact these large and ongoing sustaining business can have on coop’s through econimic stability.


I’m wildly interested in business systems but they frequently fly over my head, I don’t understand the concept of taking advantage of people in order to make money. Maybe I’m not built to think this way. What has continually drawn me to the ethical business market is the idea that people are valued and cared for through work and oppurtunity to support themselves. As a follower of Jesus, this seems like the way of caring for others providing for immediate needs as well as creating a sustainable path to independance.

One of the amazing a ha moments I had while reading this book, and I must admit I did have a few, was when I realized the cotton tote I recieved in my Dressember remote runner 5k kit was from FreeSet. I had not heard of FreeSet until I started reading Jane’s book and as she is talking about this brand all I could think was, how cool is it that brands are buying ethically made and in this case organic cotton swag to promote their brand and vision. FreeSet makes custom tees, totes, and accessories with the ability to screenprint and employ vulnerable women in India to help them provide for their families through dignified employment. The work they are doing is amazing.

Spring 10x10 | Day 5 |
Day 5

If we haven’t met, and if you don’t know, I love coffee. Haley (my sister) had All The Coffee put on my Espwa 4 favorite things tote she gave me last year for Christmas. Jane tells readers, not only how the coffee industry is one of the most transparent, but how Starbucks made it popular to spend $4 on a cup of coffee and continues to use their influence to empower coffee growers in Guatemala and around the world. You may not be a coffee fan or even a Starbucks fan but when business is committed to doing good in the world, it alters communities and countries for the better.

I do feel the book lacked the amazing work ethical and fair trade fashion businesses (Mata Traders, Elegantees, Thought Clothing, Synergy) are doing, instead Jane focuses on the work larger more well known brands are doing while not discussing the amount of textile waste being generated every year.

No one has all the anwsers, but the amazingly awesome things are happening when government, non profits, and business team up. Not one of these groups can solve the economic disparities around the world on their own, instead they have to work together kind of like Captain Planet used to on the TV when I was a kid. (I’ve been a tree hugger, do gooder, help folks kind of girl since the beginning.)

I did not recieve this book for review, this is not an ad for the book. I simply fell in love with To the Market, Jane, and the work she is doing to promote artisan made goods through larger well known brands.
Do I recommend it? YEP.
Get a copy off good ole Amazon, HERE.

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