Simplified Weekly Planner 2019

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Several years ago, I wrote about the first time I found planner peace when I recieved my first Simplified Academic Weekly Planner. Little did I know then that my peace wouldn’t be short sighted, but a long term happiness that I’ve come to love.

This year was the 3rd year for me to buy a Simplified Academic Weekly Planner. I love it as much as I love the first. If you’ve been hesitant to spend this much on a planner, I don’t blame you. But know, I don’t regret it for a second and I love the size, paper quality, and versatility provided for each and every day, week and month. It’s the only planner that thinking back on I would have been able to use as a college student as well as a working adult.


For 2019-2020, I picked the Navy Blooms pattern. I’m not usually a floral girl…and by that I mean I usually stick to simple straight forward patterns, like the thin happy stripe I picked out last year. But I was craving adventure and new, this whimsical print seemed to fit the bill, and it’s a 1000x prettier in person. Photos do not do this justice.

2018-2019 Simplified Weekly Planner |

I’m one of those people who loves getting a new planner, because setting it up is literally half the joy. Since I still have a few months before I start my new planner, I decided to wait to fill out the morning and evening routines until July. While I did go ahead and put in all the birthdays and anniversaries, as well as stickers because well I love stickers.

The biggest difference with my new planner from the past versions is the dinner square at the end of each day is missing…I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this change yet. I used that dinner square a lot, and it was a great way to easily look back and notice what meals we loved to eat but hadn’t had in a while.

What makes the Simplified Planner perfect for me is the fact that it’s not huge. Although I was worried it was too small when I got my first Simplified planner, I’ve now learned it’s just perfect for me. Also, it’s super high quality the paper is thick and the perfect shade of white and it lays flat on my desk without any help. There is enough room on each day for what I need and if I need more there are notes sheets that I frequently use for my Books read list, spending tally (usually just for my closet/personal shopping), and all my packing lists and shopping notes for the year.

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