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Bags are one of those accessories that I tend to have fewer options of but love the ones I do have. I frequently use the same bag for months, if not a year or longer without changing. Even when I get a new bag, I seem to always end up back in these because of how easy, stylish, and versatile they are for me.

Purses – Sseko Designs foldover crossbody in camel & ABLE black leather Tigist purse

First, I bought this camel crossbody purse from Stitch Fix in 2015. It was the first Sseko piece I’d ever bought before and I was (and still am) blown away by this bag. It can be worn 2 ways over the shoulder, or carried as a clutch or worn as a lap bag aka fanny pack. It’s traveled with me to a few domestic destinations, including Texas and Seattle. It’s slightly larger than the other bag which I’ll talk about in a moment making it ideal for trips, plus did you hear all the ways I can wear this?

The black fashionABLE Tigist purse has been my go-to for nearly 2+ years, I  bought this one on Poshmark. I love that it goes with everything. A little smaller and a tight fit for even my necessaties, it’s perfect for concerts because of it’s size and my only must have items. Literally my wallet, keys (without my key fob), chapstick, and phone fit in this bag which is fine cause I usually also carry a tote for bigger items. I learned while writing this post that they no longer make this style which makes me super sad, it’s such a lovey and minimalistic style.

Shop Sseko Designs Foldover Crossbody Linked in Black

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Tote bag in chair with words listed on it.

Work Tote – The Shop Forward 4 Favorite Things Tote and Sseko Bucket Tote

My TSF tote (above) is my new go-to tote bag for my day job, it easily can handle the constant back and forth and easily totes my everyday items. I also love that it’s ever so slightly structured, and not too tall perfect for me to see exactly what I have going on in there and add more when I need too. My The Shop Forward tote was a Christmas gift from my sister, I just realized this is the second post about my tote in the last month. Personally, I was blown away by the thought she put into this gift so that makes it more special to me.

My other favorite tote is one I bought myself for my birthday in 2016. The Sseko Design black bucket tote has been worth every penny, a deep heavy duty black leather tote that has stood up to everything I’ve put it through. I stopped using it for my everyday work bag, because I wanted something a little lighter and something I could see to the bottom of without a flashlight…I’ve taken it on several trips as a carry on and I love how much it can hold, my very own Mary Poppin’s bag of sorts. It’s big enough to carry my laptop in a sleeve, a notebook or two, a mini pouch for other necessaties, a snack, waterbottle, an extra pair of shoes, and a lawn chair. Okay I’m kidding but seriously this bag is huge.

Shop The Shop Forward 4 Favorite Things Totes

Shop Sseko Designs Leather Bucket Tote  Linked in Pebbled Leather

North Face Backpack | shelbyclarkeblog.com

Backpack – The North Face

I bought a North Face Backpack from Poshmark last year with a laptop sleeve and I honestly love it! I’m working on buying second hand especially things I want but don’t want to buy at full price. I really don’t need a super fancy backpack but I wanted something that would travel well and be good for outdoor adventures. This one was at the right price, it had a broken buckle which I replaced for free, and it had all the features I was looking for including a laptop sleeve.

It’s a little big to just hop down to the local coffee shop but it’s my go to for traveling either by car or plane because it securely keeps my laptop from sliding around and I can even slide my powercord in the same sleeve so it’s not in the way inside my bag. The first trip I took with this backpack was to Philadelphia last year, I opted for the backpack instead of tote because it was my first truly solo trip and I did a lot of walking…a lot.

SHOP The North Face on Poshmark

Tell me about your favorite bags…do they have a story or do you love them because of how well they function?

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