Wear It Wednesday | How to dress for Spring in Colorado

I intentionally waited to write or conceptualize this post until the snow stopped. So, let’s just say this if for dressing in spring in Colorado, between May and June, because that is actually what I’m writing about. If you’re looking for advice on what to wear between March-May, I recommend clothing from every season plus a parka because it is entirely possible you will need to wear it after wearing sandals the day before. Been there done that. 

Shelby wearing Mata Traders Dress, under a gray cardigan, with mustard flats in front of green field.
May 12

LOOK 1: Dress with flats/sandals and possible cardigan

So, what to wear in spring while in Colorado. First, it’s important to remember that while mornings are cool, the days are perfection. So I prefer to be a little on the cool side if it means I’m perfectly comfortable without an added layer later in the day.

I prefer dresses with a lightweight cardigan and smart flats for church and date nights. And the cardigan is usually not necessary but it’s always nice for when the clouds roll in or the AC decides to kick on.

Spring Style | Shelbyclarkeblog.com
May 20

LOOK 2: Cropped denim, short sleeve top with clogs, sandals or flats

Another look, I’m wearing on repeat is cropped jeans (hello ankles) and a short sleeve tee. I prefer to wear clogs, sandals or flats during the warmer months although smart people wear sneakers too. I’m not a sneaker girl but I see the appeal. Reach for what is comfortable and if possible opt out of socks and let your toes rejoice. I feel like I’ve been wearing socks and boots for 6 months straight so while you can TOTALLY wear ankle boots with cropped pants, which is totally adorable by the way, I want nothing to do with boots until September or October as of right now. (I’m wearing a chambray layer because it was SNOWING. yeah spring!)

As always be prepared for the weather to change, so while I may not wear an additional layer like a lightweight jacket, there is always one in my car or at the office for when I do need it. When the wind kicks up here, you can most definitely feel the temps begin to drop. This is basically the same advice I give my family when they decide to visit and I always remind them there is always a chance of snow in Colorado. Always. 

It’s easy to spot the folks native to Colorado based on how they dress in spring, girls with shorts, skirts, and dresses on 50-60 degree days and guys in sandals 24-7 and short sleeve shirts. Those of us based in Colorado, soak up these warmer days like popsicles in July, especially after the winter we had. So if you are visiting Colorado I encourage you to soak up the sun while you are here and if you decided to do so please be aware you’re 6,000 ft closer to the sun be prepared to protect your skin year round!

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