2019 Father’s Day Ethical Gift Guide

This post contains affiliate links.

While my husband isn’t a father, he’s still a great guy. He gave me a thumbs up approval for all these items I picked out for you today. While Father’s day is nothing more than another consumer holiday, here are a few ways to buy better for your dad, husband or great guy for Father’s Day this year.

I started the list with some of my favorite men’s clothing pieces like FPR which is made by women in Nepal who are at risk or have been trafficked and now have the skills to provide for themselves and their families with a job sewing at Elegantees. While Anchal Project creates unique gifts from saris in India by employing women looking for meaningful work to support their families. When you purchase with purpose you are making a difference!
For a non-apparel gift I picked out some fair trade coffee and chocolate from Equal Exchange, pair those with an afternoon to himself or at the park playing with family & friends.

Anchal – Kantha Tie and pocket square – Kantha is an Indian technique of sewing old Saris together. Hand made and each one is truely unique!

Thom Kelly Shirts – made in the USA with sustainably sourced materials

FPR tee shirts – ethically made by women who’ve over coming human trafficking in Nepal.

Fair Trade Coffee – coop grown coffee and chocolate where farmer’s are paid a living and fair wage to support and uplift their families out of poverty.

Sseko Designs, men’s line – crafted by high achieving high school graduate girls in Uganda as they save and prepare to go to University.

Another great idea outside of consumerism is to take him hiking, listen to his favorite album while having a picnic on the patio, let him have some alone time with a book or a hobby he enjoys. Treat him with his favorite dinner, but still ask him to help do the dishes, because #reallife

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