Summer Picnic Ideas to Get You Outside with GlobeIn

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June is a big month for us, hubs and I are celebrating 12 years of marriage (holy moly!) and since the weather is, hopefully going to be better than most of 2019, I plan on being outside every chance I get. Good thing this month’s theme from Globe In is Picnic!

The Premium Artisan Box this month comes with an artisan made Ghanan picnic basket, for real y’all, perfect for carrying all that yummy food to your go-to picnic spot! And don’t forget to bring your 2 new hand-blown glasses, dishwasher safe and ideal for some homemade lemonade, don’t worry there is a recipe for you below! And finish your picnic soiree with the enamel serving tray, perfect for my favorite chorizo crostinis!

The Premium Artisan Box is a great gift for the hard to buy friend or family member and it keeps on giving! That basket would be great for a Dorothy from Wizard the Oz Halloween costume, and your new hand-blown glasses are great for everyday use in the home! Don’t stop using these fantastic pieces just because summer is over!

And since you’re all picnic ready, here are a few of my favorite picnic meal ideas & recipes:

Chorizo-Manchego Crostini– bring separately and already cut so everyone can assemble onsite! Top crostini slices with a dollop of apricot preserves then add sliced chorizo sausage and manchego cheese, the heat of the sausage is cut with the dollop of apricot preserves…feels fancy but oh so good!

Homemade Lemonade– I recommend making a head of time and letting sit in the fridge for 12 hours before enjoying. Letting everything get happy makes it taste extra yummy. (recipe)

Feta Salad – while this recipe calls for cucumbers, I’m not a fan. Instead I add a head of chopped butter lettuce and toss. Perfect to take in separate containers or all together, yummy either way while still getting all those fresh veggies in! (recipe)

Boozy Fruit Salad– the only thing that makes this adult version of fruit salad better would be the addition of raspberries but I love raspberries in everything… (recipe)

These raspberry cheesecake pots are the perfect picnic dessert, make ahead of time and give everyone a jar and voila! Plus clean up is easy! (recipe)

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