Wear It Wednesday | Mata Traders

This post contains affiliate links. I recieved this dress as part of a collaboration. All opinions and thoughts are my own.

As a long time fan of fair trade fashion, Mata Traders is a brand that has been around the block a time or two and uses their power to employ artisans at a fair rate, provide safe work enviroment, utilizes eco-friendly processes and traditional techniques.

Shelby wearing Mata Traders Dress, under a gray cardigan, with mustard flats in front of green field.
Get my look: Mata Traders Farmer’s Market Dress in Faces, The Root Collective Flats in Mustard, Noonday Collection Demi Hoops (which you can’t see)

Bead & Reel is a great source for looking for ethical and fair trade brands, shopping through Bead & Reel helps you feel confident that the brands you are buying from are working to benefit their employees, communities and the earth. Mata Traders is one of those brands you can find on Bead & Reel.

Mata Traders partners with several fair trade organizations in India and Nepal that train and employ hundreds of artisans in marginalized communities, with a focus on gender equality and empowering women.

These artisan cooperatives are similar to social service agencies in the support they provide to end the cycle of poverty for the members and their families. Health care, paid maternity leave, retirement pensions, and daycare: all part of the membership package. Social workers on staff assist the artisans in addressing their personal needs, from opening a bank account to situations of domestic violence and dealing with HIV/AIDS. There are literacy classes, computer training, and regular workshops on topics like hygiene, nutrition, and parenting.

I’m a huge fan of how Mata Traders works with women to create gender equality and their dedication to helping empower women in society. When providing women the oppurtunity to work, they are able to care for their families better sending their kids to school because they can afford school fees and keeping their kids from having to work, thus reducing child labor. This has an effect lifting up communities with jobs, healthcare and education.


This is my first Mata Trader’s piece and as far as sizing goes, I’d say they edge a little small. I’m typically an extra small, and although I could wear the extra small, I was very self conscience in it. I exchanged for a small and it is perfect and I feel comfortable wearing it.

I love the earthy blue tone and the A-line fit it features a cap style sleeves perfect to cover up my shoulders without having full length short sleeves. The fabric has been screen printed with an artistic graphic faces print. If you’ve seen my wardrobe, you should know prints beyond stripes & a touch of floral, really isn’t something I have much of. The occasional print is a great way for me to add deminsion and variety.

Buying fair trade makes a difference, it provides meaningful work to artisans and gives their children a better future. 

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