Warm Weather Closet Organization Tips

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Summer is literally 13 days away and even though I wanted to swap out my winter attire for warmer styles plenty of time in the last 2 months I just got around to it on June 1. Mostly cause the winter weather has wanted to stick around no matter how many times I asked her to leave! Today, I’m sharing with you how I organize my closet for the warm weather seasons, and fingers crossed I don’t have to wear my parka until October.

I share a closet with my husband, womp, but I have most of the space because , let’s face it he doesn’t need as much space as I do. Let’s start with shoes.

I keep my shoes organized by weather sandals with flats, then heeled shoes (ankle boots and clogs), then sneakers, and winter/hiking boots at the very bottom. Above my shoes, I store my bags, in a box each inside their own dust bag. As well as my cowboy boots and ropers.

Tops organized by sleeve length, I recommend Huggable Hangers (BUY HERE) they are slim and don’t leave impressions in the sleeves of your tops. My husband doesn’t mind the clunky plastic hangers, so I just give them to him. And I’m not sure about y’all but everytime we move I lose hangers, which is amazing considering I pack hang up clothes ON THE HANGER. So, I started buying these Huggable Hangers after we moved back to Colorado in 2017.

You can organize your dresses a few different ways, however my favorite is by sleeve length again, or color. And typically this means that the longer the sleeve the longer the hem length. I have a habit of always putting the last dress I wore in the ‘back’ to the right. That way I don’t immediatley wear it again. This is a habit from Dressember.

I keep a tub on the top shelf of my closet with my out of season items, so I moved all my warm layering pieces and sweaters and pullovers into that tub and took out my sad collection of warm weather clothes including; 3 pairs of shorts, and 4 tank tops. SERIOUSLY. On the plus side most of my hang up pieces I can and do wear year round thanks to our cool Colorado summers. I also get a lot of wear out of my dresses in the spring and summer.
Speaking of which, I’m planning to wear only dresses all July long. Would you like to join me? More details coming soon on the blog! 😉

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