Wear It Wednesday | Sandals for Summer

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So you’ve got some summer events filling up your calendar but now you have to pick out your outfits. With a variety of terrains, weather, and potential activities I’ve picked out the perfect sandals for a few of the most common summer gatherings. Since I only own 2 brands of sandals, yep it’s true, I’m sharing my favorite styles along with other styles and brands and where to buy them.

Sandals lined up on the ground

A frequent summer activity held from afternoon to evening, and mostly outdoors. Pick a sandal that wraps around your ankle with a comfortable flat base for walking around and even playing fetch or working on a summer craft. Since the backyard BBQ is commonly held in a backyard, you’re sure to be on grass and concrete throughout the day. By choosing a sandal that wraps around your foot you don’t have to worry about walking out of your sandals and the comfortable base will keep you comfy all afternoon and evening. Here are a few ideas:

Sseko T-Strap, Rue Sandal

The biggest difference between the Backyard BBQ and the Poolside Party is the addition of water. Because of the addition of water, I will leave my leather sandals at home. No need to ruin them with pool water, instead I recommend a more water friendly sandal. My Chaco’s are perfect for being poolside, while mine do have a back strap I keep them loose enough to slide on and off. Not to mention they are super comfortable to wear all day long and Chaco’s sustainability efforts are impressive all their packaging is recycled and recyclable and 25% of the outsole is recycled rubber and the base is polyurethane, so it doesn’t breakdown or compress, leading to a longer-lasting product. And if they do break, repair costs are minimal. Here are a few poolside ideas that aren’t cheap & crapy Flip Flops: 

Chaco Sandals, Teva Sandals, Indosole,

I envision a patio soiree as a fancy dinner party on someone’s patio, I guess someone could grill but it’s not like a cookout. This is a fancy summer dinner party y’all bring a bottle or rose and expect some chef level s’more style deconstructed dessert. Since I will probably never host one of these events or be invited to go to one, I want to share what I’d wear exactly so I’d pick out a lightweight and stylish maxi length dress and braid my hair down one side of my head and finish with some lightweight dangle or hoop earrings and I’d finish the look with the stylish and versatile Sseko Designs Ribbon Sandals.

As far as sizing goes for Sseko Deisgns, I recommend getting your regular size or size up for a half size. They do feel tight when you first get them but they form to your foot and the leather has some stretch.

Chacos, I recommend your regular size.

I am a 6 in Sseko Designs and Chacos.

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