My Favorite Poolside Items

Hello, First day of Summer!
I maybe a summer baby but I am not a summer girl. However, this year give me all the sunshine, all the blue sky days, all the afternoon by the pool, reservoir, lake, etc. It was a very long winter and I’m spending as much time as I can responsibly outside. So, I put together my pool bag and it’s full of everything I *might* need while outside this season.

First, I started with a bag that could handle carrying the things, look cute, and be okay if it got wet. So I decided on my The Shop Forward Favorite Things tote, it’s canvas so if it did get wet, my heart wouldn’t be broken. It’s also a great size for hanging out poolside, not too big that it becomes impossible to find things in and not so small that necessities won’t fit.

My favorite pool towel is actually a fouta from Balthazar & Rose, I have 2 and they are so much more than a pool towel, 100% Tunisian cotton, they are versatile enough to go from blanket on a plane to scarf and towel. I always travel with one. I love it for being by the pool because it’s not super bulky like other beach towels and it’s oodles cuter.

Instead of tossing things into my tote bag to get lost or fall out when I’m doing things, I pack my large Anchal toiletry bag with all the smaller items; chapstick, sunscreen, hair ties, headphones, sunglasses, my keys, and a pen. The toiletry bag acts as my catch all, which is perfect for when you’re looking for chapstick but don’t want to unpack literally your entire pool bag at the pool. Speaking of sunscreen, I’m going to be a total mom for a moment. Wear sunscreen, I’ve been wearing alba spf 45 and find it very easy to apply and it wears nicely, I have their sport and lavender sunscreen. I’m so white I’m a human reflector, so I have to wear sunscreen. If I’m at the pool with you, I will ask you to wear sunscreen the way I ask my family to drink water. 😉

The last two things, I bring poolside are a water bottle with iced water and a book. I admit to being overly attached to my phone and I find when I’m by the pool, I don’t want to be on my phone mostly because it’s hard to see plus I need to take some time away. So I pack whatever book I’ve been trying to read, recently it’s been a long way gone by Ishmael Beah for the Dressember book club.

Other items you can include in your poolside bag; a wide brim hat, phone charger, small first aid kit, notebook, snacks, pill bottle with ibuprofen in case you soak up too much sun…

What else do you keep in your pool/lake/beach bag?

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