33 Things for my 33rd Birthday

I’m 33. Let that sink in for a moment. Phew.

Okay, so I’ve been chasing big dreams for the last few years and even if it looks like sunshine and rainbows from the outside I’m here to tell it is not. Lots of late nights, lots of waiting to get paid, lots of NO’s, lots of hitting brick walls when trying to come up with new ideas. Live as a blogger and independent contractor is hard. 

But I am chasing a dream. The dream to change the world through clothes, words, and community. 

4 women standing together in front of a brown wall

Highlights from last year: Celebrating One Year with Wearwell and my first trip to Philly! Visiting RMNP for the first time and annual girls trip this year to Estes Park, 12 year Anniversary with Travis, Colorado Rockies game in September, 5th year participating in Dressember, starting to attend Tuesdays Together once a month,  Kendra coming out to visit.

Goals for year 33: re-master my photo skills, make my blog profitable, go full-time, visit more national parks in CO, learn more about sustainable fibers & reduce textile waste.

I wanted to share 33 things I’m loving right now, so here we go!

  1. Tuesdays Together COS
  2. God is good no matter what, and the last 8 months have been brutal
  3. High waisted EVERYTHING
  4. Linen
  5. My Simplified Planner
  6. Mornings spent on the patio with my fur kids
  7. Learning to take self portraits
  8. Huggable Hangers – closet game changer
  9. Houseplants 
  10. 5 am sunrise
  11. Rattan circle bags
  12. Dramatic for me earrings
  13. Warm sunshine
  14. Coffee – this had to make the list right?
  15. Patio Herb Garden
  16. The Namra Tank from Eleganteesaffiliate link
  17. Wearing dresses in the summer
  18. Watching 1966 episodes of Batman with my husband
  19. Realizing I love comic books turned to shows/movies
  20. Braiding my hair
  21. Making mistakes and learning from them
  22. My Sseko Sandal collection
  23. Surprise care packages from family
  24. Friends coming to visit
  25. My co-workers, near & far
  26. My church
  27. Sharing my passion for ethical clothes with people and them not running away from me when I’m finished talking
  28. Living in Colorado
  29. It not snowing
  30. Afternoon thunderstorms
  31. Donut holes.
  32. Reading a new book borrowed from the library
  33. What this next year holds

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