Dressember in July 2019 | Days 1-15

Dressember in July has been a fun way to talk about how I wear dresses all December long. It’s also been a lot of fun to wear dresses (and skirts) all month with sandals and cute shoes!

Dressember in July is all about raising awareness, bring the topic of sex & human trafficking to the forefront and encouraging my friends and followers to not look away. Wearing dresses in July is less striking than in December when it’s super cold and people have all the questions. It’s a bit more casual and socially acceptable when the days reach 90 and most of my dresses are cotton. I’ve had some interesting conversations and pointed others towards resources. The dresses don’t do as much work in the summer but they are a reminder to myself that with the little I have I can make a difference, I can promote change, donate the causes that matter like 10freedays which is fundraising for Our Daughters International this month, and support victims.
I am taking a very laid back approach to dressember in July, only getting dressed when I’m actually going somewhere and I’ve allowed skirts. I only own 3 and I want to wear them more often. So I’m trying skirts more often this month.

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