Wear It Wednesday | 10freedays update

July 1-10, I was fundraising for 10freedays, for a non-profit named Our Daughters International in Nepal that focuses on the rescue, and restoration of girls (and boys) from human trafficking on the Nepal-India border.

I set a goal of $300 for the 10freedays campaign, which is pretty lofty. I set the same goal for Dressember in 2018 and made it there just before Christmas.

I decided to support Our Daughters International because it is important to stand up for the oppressed. To redeem those who have been taken advantage of and offer them a new chance to support themselves. Girls as young as 12 are used for sex, either are runaways or are kidnapped then brainwashed. They have no opportunity to change their circumstances unless someone intervenes and that is exactly what Our Daughters International does, they provide a safe place for these girls to get medical care, learn new skills, and help them to be financially independent so they don’t become victims again.

You can donate to my fundraiser through the end of July, thank you.

Donate Here

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