How to support entrepreneurs & bloggers

This little blog, is really little compared to full-time bloggers. Often times, I meet people who don’t know that bloggers are actually entrepreneurs. When you support them, you’re supporting their platform and helping them to pay the bills!

So here is a short list on how you can support your small biz friends and bloggers.

I saw a similar list on Instagram a few days ago, as a blogger I felt it was important to share with you how every time you read my blog, share it with a friend or comment it matters. You help support this blog every time you shop through an affiliate link, you support this blog every time you read the monthly newsletter and forward it to a friend.

When you comment and tell me what your styling challenges are or what trends you’re interested in or how to pull it off helps me to support you and show you how to pull off styles confidently. When you want to know how to buy better for your closet or home, I’m encouraged because I get to share brands that work with fairly paid laborers, are environmentally concerned, and want the world to be better.

Thank you for supporting this little blog, and don’t forget, I have a monthly condensed newsletter of my favorite posts and updates from the month before! Sign up here.

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