Setting up my 19-20 Academic Weekly Simplified Planner

A few years ago, I was beginning a new planner every few months because I didn’t like the format or the size or the color scheme or whatever I was using. I was a long time Emily Ley fan and while I loved the planners from the outside looking in, I was afraid to commit fearing I’d decide to change course after a few months.

This is my 3rd Simplified Academic Weekly Planner, after receiving my first planner bought at a discount in case I decided to change courses, I’ve never wavered. It’s the perfect size, not too big but not too small. Plus it’s pretty.

The first thing I do when I start a new planner is write in all birthdays, anniversaries, and any other known things like trips or important days. I like to use the same color pen for all these on the calendar pages through my planner and adding stickers on my weekly layouts for each of these events.

Also I color code, it’s not a super strict system but it does help when you need a quick glance at your week! Also I make my planner messy. It looks clean and pretty right now, because I literally just set it up but remember friends, grace not perfection.

I also fill out the prep pages at the beginning of my Simplified planner, knowing and acknowledging what did or didn’t work in my schedule in the last year is vital to making actionable changes for the new year. Which helps me to create a more productive system and a less anxious Shelby. And we all want a less anxious Shelby.

I highly recommend the Simplified Weekly Planner for folks who keep a planner but don’t need a large one, or a minute by minute planner, but something tangible to keep organized and stylish! Get one here, not an affiliate for Simplified I just love, love, love this brand!

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